Business Improvement District

The Business Improvement District was created by ordinance by the Hastings City Council in April of 1986 and includes a 20-block area within the Central Business District right in the heart of Hastings.  Property owners within the District are assessed annually and the funds raised are used for developing public activities and events, newsletters or promotional materials, banners, physical improvements such as lighting, landscaping, benches, planters, plantings, trash receptacles and signage.

The Mission of the Business Improvement District Board is:

"To enhance the physical and economic well being of the Central Business District; to improve the environment in which people shop, live and work; to demonstrate private commitment through physical and economic improvements; to maintain physical, economic and social improvements through a long term operations strategy; and to maintain an organization to oversee the promotion, design, maintenance, appearance and economic restructuring of the Central Business District."


Bordered by the Burlington Northern tracks on the south, 4th Street on the north, Lexington Avenue on the west and Kansas Avenue on the east the Business Improvement District includes approximately 150 properties and over 100 property owners.

Downtown Hastings, Nebraska Boundaries