Several incentives are available through the Community Redevelopment Authority to assist small businesses and developers within the Central Business District boundaries.

Program Guidelines

The purpose of the Facade Grant Program is to restore, improve or recreate historic architectural features to facades of commercial buildings anywhere within the Downtown Business Improvement District.

A.  Where practical, all building facades shall be restored to their original period design.  If it is deemed not practical by the Facade Design Committee, then a similar architectural design shall be used.  All horizontal and vertical features (lintels and piers) shall be retained.

B.  If a building does not have a historically significant architectural design or feature, then a proposed design may be submitted to qualify for the grant program.

C.  All storefronts shall be designed, constructed, and maintained to complement and accept the architectural features of the building.  All accessories, signs, and awnings shall likewise harmonize with the overall character of the building.

D.  All color schemes shall accent the building as well as harmonize with adjacent buildings.  Colors shall be period specific.  Historical murals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

E.  Funds shall be allocated on a first-come basis.  Only one Grant shall be awarded for one category.  Tenants may qualify upon receipt of written consent from the owner of the building.  All Grant funds awarded require a matching dollar-for-dollar expenditure by the owner/tenant.  Funds may be awarded as follows: Up to $15,000.00 for facades, storefronts, and awnings, Or up to $1,000.00 for signage.

F.  No work for which a Grant is sought should begin until authorized by the Facade Design Committee.

G.  No Grant monies or matching monies shall be used to perform general repair, structural, or habitable work or otherwise to meet the code to occupy the building.

H.  To qualify for grant funds, an application and appropriate plans must be submitted to the Community Redevelopment Authority office at 301 S. Burlington.

I.  No grants will be made to government-owned properties or to tenants in government-owned properties.

J.  Work done by the applicant requires an estimate from an outside source to verify that costs are within reasonable parameters.

To download a Facade Grant Application click here.

For more information on the various programs and incentives mentioned here, please contact:

Randal Chick, Director
Community Redevelopment Authority
301 S. Burlington/Chamber Development Center
Hastings, NE 68901

Phone: 402-461-8415